face serums

what are face serums good for?

Why should I use a serum? What are their benefits compared to creams? How to apply? Read on to learn all about serums and the different serums Natuva offers to suit any kind of need.

What is a face serum?

Serums contain a high concentration in beneficial ingredients such as essential and natural oils, antioxidants, actives or fruit acids that aim to treat specific skin concerns.

The main difference between a cream and a serum lays in its formulation: a cream is an emulsion of a water phase and an oil phase, when a serum is a single-phase solution (water or oil based) containing a high concentration of ingredients.

As such, a serum is generally presented in a small flask with a drop mechanism to control the amount applied. Only a small amount is necessary to allow your skin to absorb the actives and reap its benefits of protecting and repairing any type of skin.

A serum can be used both during your day routine and night routine.
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